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The cancer at the heart of catholicism

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The Catholic church is an interesting thing. It started with that dude with the followers, he liked being nice and told people to be nice to each other. It wasn’t rocket science, but it resonated somewhat, and the gist of the message spread. Anyways, he died after the roman authorities took exception to the social influence he was beginning to wield, and some of his followers decided to have a crack at institutionalising his mojo to try and perpetuate his message. Well, man did they succeed at the institutionalisation aspect – in fact, they came to be more concerned with perpetuating the institution than with retaining the integrity of the mojo. So as the immediate memory of the mojo faded, even as its word spread, the institution became ever bigger, more powerful, more enduring.

Fast-forward nearly two thousand years, and the most honest efforts of that institution, the catholic church, revolve around pedophilia, the oppression of women, and the suppression of the hypocrisy of their lifestyles versus their preaching. The mojo is gone, replaced by an enduring black and cancerous heart.

The photo above is of Riccardo Seppia, an abusive catholic priest with ties to the Pope’s office, and pedophile. Fuck you for tolerating and hiding him, catholic church. Sort this hellbound abusive rapist out, stat, and all of his like-practising kin, or shut your moralising mouth the fuck up.


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May 27, 2011 at 8:38 am

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So here I was, innocently pondering semi-retirement in my dotage –

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– When along came a cocksocket called Terry Jones. Tracey Barnett put it in a more work-internet-filter safe manner than I could ever restrain myself to do, in this editorial for the NZHerald.

There have been too many assholes for me to track in recent months, really there have. I’m sorry for my apparent recalcitrance…shout-out to my booooeeeeee Mubarak!

Muammar Gaddafi


The republican senate, for passing legislation denying the existance of climate change

This power-tripping brownshirt in blue…

Yeah, ok – I’m all worn out now. Too much pointless evil and stupidity gets me down. Suffice it to say that there seems to be an oppressive amount of asshole in the world right now eh? Bedtime, I think.

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April 5, 2011 at 12:48 pm

Douching their way to irrelevance –

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Today’s recipient is the Christian Fundamentalist movement, for trying to prove that nothing is more relevant to the modern world than a set of ancient oral folk stories collated between 200AD and 1200AD by men living in religious seclusion in the mediterranean and middle east.

Specifically, they win for stating that the Killer Whale at the center of the recent tragic death at Seaworld, should be stoned to death. I just can’t accept that they literally mean that the best response is to throw stones at a fucking whale. Perhaps they just mean the far more predictable (but hilarious) idiomatic scenario wherein the whale is made to smoke enough Marijuana to cause his death…..on some levels, this actually seems less ridiculous, and possibly has some scientific merit somewhere too. Hell, how do you hotbox a whale? And could you turn his pool into a bong somehow? Would this possibly make him more hungry/psychotic/paranoid? I just don’t know. In any case, in this scenario, these fundamentalists are confirmed douchebags for suggesting such a stupid, stupid idea.

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March 8, 2010 at 3:45 am

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