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Corporate bioengineering douche

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Jesus, I’m linking CBS today…have the end-times come about after all? Fucking hurrah, if so – it’s about time we got fundamentalist mentalism corrected. The one downside is that I’m guessing any real or hypothetical “Rapture” would have bypassed the Monsanto Corporation wholesale, on the grounds that the devoted worship of profits-at-any-cost of that company would fall under the category of “false idols”, I’m pretty damn sure.

Anyways, credit where it’s due – CBS’s BNet site has a good article here, ten million times better than the crap I serve up – chock full of links, and with vimeo goodness thrown in. The take-away is, screw Monsanto to hell. We all knew that already, but in this goldfish-attention-span world it’s always worth re-iterating.

Stolen from a deleted post on Metafilter.


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May 22, 2011 at 8:44 am

Bumnugget o’ the day

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somealphanumericbabbleChef’s special. Scott Walker, one of the leading lights of deconstructive partisan politics in America (ok, so there’s a galaxy of little lights, and it’s not like he’s one of the more significant luminaries) has taken on staff (at taxpayer expense) one of his donor’s sons.

Fair and balanced?

Also, I really wanted to use this sweet-ass CC image from Brotherxii’s flickr stream. Those folk protesting in Wisconsin deserve a lot of kudos, if you haven’t been following it, then go track you down a recap of the lead-up, then catch up with more recent details via this.

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April 11, 2011 at 3:54 am

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So here I was, innocently pondering semi-retirement in my dotage –

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– When along came a cocksocket called Terry Jones. Tracey Barnett put it in a more work-internet-filter safe manner than I could ever restrain myself to do, in this editorial for the NZHerald.

There have been too many assholes for me to track in recent months, really there have. I’m sorry for my apparent recalcitrance…shout-out to my booooeeeeee Mubarak!

Muammar Gaddafi


The republican senate, for passing legislation denying the existance of climate change

This power-tripping brownshirt in blue…

Yeah, ok – I’m all worn out now. Too much pointless evil and stupidity gets me down. Suffice it to say that there seems to be an oppressive amount of asshole in the world right now eh? Bedtime, I think.

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April 5, 2011 at 12:48 pm

Before-I-forget-his-name douche

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Greg Glendining. I was in Dunedin a few days ago, mooching about the gardens, the bars, and conference facilities of the southern-most city worth a damn in NZ (shut up, Invercargill). On my last day there, I picked up a copy of the Otago Daily Times whilst killing departure time, and came across a few letters to the editor.

Four of the letters were aside, in a column of their own. They were each responding to an editorial piece written by one “Greg Glendining”….and each respondent was pretty pissed off. If their responses were accurate, and if I recall them correctly, it seems that Mr Glendining was hypothesising as to the cause of the tragic death of 29 miners on the west coast. Now, I have to qualify my following comments with the understanding that 1) I have not been able to find his original piece of writing, and 2) I did find a great bottle of Yalumbra Cab Sav earlier on this evening. Great bottle.

Anyways, based on the four irate responses, I can put forward that Mr Glendining asserted in principle the following: That the west coast needs to embrace open-cast mining instead of tunnel mining…jesus, I can’t think of a worse time to shout “You’re doing it wrong” at a small community. Did it not occur to him that they may have chosen to tunnel for the coal because the suff was so damn deep?  Secondly, he said that they did not use open cast mining or build extra air-vents because some conservationist saw a rare Blue Duck on the land where the coal was situated…which several of the four respondents called “fucking bullshit”. Mr Glendining alluded that if extra airshafts or if open-cast mining were employed, the dead miners would be alive, and that therefore, their death was directly attributable to the “Green agenda”.

I believe at least one of the respondents gave a very geologically and legally detailed reply on that point – namely that the mine was too deep for open cast techniques, and that the mining company got permission for every accessway and air-shaft it wanted to drill anyway.

So basically, 29 people die, and some jerk with a stupid personal agenda comes along with a blinkered attitude and a shocking lack of research ability, and blames the environmental movement for not allowing the parent mining company to rape the shit out of the area in the first place. I should point out that the mining company themselves have made no such assertion at all, and seem to have tried to do what it is that they do in accordance with best-practice from both an ecological standpoint and an engineering standpoint.

Fuck you, Greg Glendining. I bet one of your friends has more money than you. You are a self-serving douche.

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December 6, 2010 at 10:53 am

The inaugural douchebag

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you can almost smell the brown on his noseHere’s the subject of my first outpouring. He’s the leader of New Zealand, and that link to him is a good representation of the sort of substance of the man…a puff piece, a reacharound for his image. He leads the country’s conservative National Party government, delivering it victory on the back of his reputation as an efficient leader of big business – clearly a group with the interests of the people at heart, thereby qualifying him to make decisions for them. At least, qualified in their eyes of the country’s voters, who voted him in at the last election. He’s quite affluent in his own right as as businessman – you’d expect that of a successful conservative politician with a background in business. He donates his annual Prime Ministers wage to charity, a decent enough thing to do – he can afford to. In fact, that’s probably the most decent thing that he’s done in parliament.

I’d like to leave aside for now any deeper exploration of the man, and focus on just one of his decisions. Now, I have to say that I think increasing the Goods and Services Tax is a good thing – for one, it’s a form of tax that can’t be avoided by (for example) big business or clever accountants – it’s a fee on the cost of everyday things at the point of purchase. The theory goes that this would allow you to then choose between lowering personal taxes or possibly paying for something new and shiny for the country (like hospitals, doctors, racing cars for everyone, investing in education, stuff like that). The part that I have an issue with, that earns the first douchebag bestowal, is this little buried nugget in that tax article.

This douche is going to open up some of the most pristine land in the world to multinational mining interests. He has made the obvious “we won’t make a mess” statements to mitigate the bad PR, a line which has been parroted in an editorial so exactly in key-speak moral-bankruptcy-masquerading-as-pragmatism that you really have to call foul. Others have captured the public sentiment more accurately. Stuff search produces an interesting slice of results on the matter, even if it is all murdoch-owned media, and hence tainted anyway.

John Key, you are an uncaring douchebag.

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February 14, 2010 at 10:21 am

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