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The cancer at the heart of catholicism

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The Catholic church is an interesting thing. It started with that dude with the followers, he liked being nice and told people to be nice to each other. It wasn’t rocket science, but it resonated somewhat, and the gist of the message spread. Anyways, he died after the roman authorities took exception to the social influence he was beginning to wield, and some of his followers decided to have a crack at institutionalising his mojo to try and perpetuate his message. Well, man did they succeed at the institutionalisation aspect – in fact, they came to be more concerned with perpetuating the institution than with retaining the integrity of the mojo. So as the immediate memory of the mojo faded, even as its word spread, the institution became ever bigger, more powerful, more enduring.

Fast-forward nearly two thousand years, and the most honest efforts of that institution, the catholic church, revolve around pedophilia, the oppression of women, and the suppression of the hypocrisy of their lifestyles versus their preaching. The mojo is gone, replaced by an enduring black and cancerous heart.

The photo above is of Riccardo Seppia, an abusive catholic priest with ties to the Pope’s office, and pedophile. Fuck you for tolerating and hiding him, catholic church. Sort this hellbound abusive rapist out, stat, and all of his like-practising kin, or shut your moralising mouth the fuck up.


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May 27, 2011 at 8:38 am

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