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The ghost of racism past is still alive in Rick

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Every kiwi’s secret news fix,, posted a federated article on a whale that washed up on the Wairarapa coast. Some comments were posted, and as per usual, that’s where the more meaty reveal took place. Before I proceed, I should make clear that the most reprehensible racist I knew happened to be named Rick, and Rick came from the rural part of the country just north of Wellington – the Manawatu/Wairarapa area. Anyways, I was reminded of precisely him today when the article above was posted, and promptly commented on, by a racist douche named Rick. I find the comment interesting because it articulates the profound ignorance of the racist NZ honky, the person for whom the biggest issue on earth is those “bloody maoris” and the “dole bludgers”. Rick represents all of those pakeha too stupid to bother to actually learn what the Treaty of Waitangi means, who just want the maori to roll over and take the cultural genocide they suffered at the hands of the colonial government of the 19th century. Take a bow, Rick the douche.


Written by thewanderingdouche

May 11, 2011 at 8:50 am

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