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Two cool blogs reminded me of a whole category of douchery I haven’t brought up yet –

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One of my pet hates is the depiction in advertisements of men as stupid. I’ve been criticised in the past as being too sensitive on the issue, invariably by people aligned with the second wave of feminism. I’ve learned that it doesn’t fly so well with that crowd when your instinctive comeback is “Suck my sensitive dick”. There are elements within the “stupid man” stereotype that are hilarious – the underlying archetype of the Fool, for example – but placed within a narrative that speaks to families it’s just a scumbag move. Why? Because males are now a minority of university/college graduates. Because young men make up the majority of suicides. Because in the popular 2nd-wave view, empowering young women is good and thinking about nurturing young men in a similar manner is weird. Then there are the other circumstances that may or may not be causally related, but are noted statistical phenomena – that men are more likely to be unemployed, more likely to have to spend more hours a day in paid employment, and (in the 20-30 age demograph in the US at least) paid less than women.

Hey, so keep up the negative portrayals of one of the genders, advertisers. All that unconscious seeding of stereotypes in peoples perceptions could hardly have any serious repercussions, surely?

Anyone subscribing to the idea that one of the genders is somehow less worthy than the other should get the full “baby seal population correction” treatment for repeating the obvious stupidity of historic precedent. Thanks metafilter. Now go read a real blog.


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April 17, 2011 at 11:45 pm

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