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Zombie spawn of ACTA undead in NZ

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See this handsome back square? This is your brain on New Zealand internet. Oh, no, sorry – I totally got that wrong; It’s what your internet access will look like if you have a copyright infringement lodged against you under the govt’s new copyright amendment bill. No, sorry, it’s the bright glow of synapses firing like a universe of creative fireworks in the mind of MP Simon Power during the intense period of thought and reflection that went into the crafting of this new piece of legislation.

Actually, I am full of shit. Power is a douche in the sway of the big-business interests (full of lobby dollars, using the US political system as their proxy to lean on other countries) that make insipid mainstream cinema, music, and television. In short, to stop people from exchanging copyrighted information that is important to them, NZ is going to take away their right to access the internet, instead of redefining how copyright applies in a medium that was designed for bit-perfect reproduction.

This is pathetic blind kotowing of the highest order. Bring on the Blackout.

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Written by thewanderingdouche

April 13, 2011 at 12:51 pm

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