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No prizes for guessing this one. Love their spokespeople tho…dunno about these pickledicks over here, they just seem to me to be trivialising a critically serious event by fucking around with twitter when they should be FIXING THE DAMN LEAK INSTEAD.

I saw this list link on digg, I think – and I apologise for linking a stupid list link, but I wonder if any of this is sufficient….it’s really just an adequate starting point.

For sure, they should be punished to hell on the corporate entity level so that other private interests don’t get so cavalier about putting their financial interests before cataclysmic environmental destruction. But I think that any punishment like that will fall short of delivering justice because the punishment needs to include comprehensive environmental and regional restitution as well.

Fuck you once again, BP. Aside from making me use long words when all I want to use are “fuck” and “you”, you absolutely embody the term “Malignant Corporate Entity” to a level of rare fluency.


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June 1, 2010 at 6:12 am

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