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I keep getting DJ Shadow and DJ Spooky confused in my mind, partially it’s the formulaic name schema, and partially it’s because they both bore me to shit by being formulaic in all other creative areas, and not in an awesome way. However, they have at least one point of difference that I can appreciate – DJ Spooky has at least put a bit of meta into his work, and has spread his creative branches outside the “I want to be a rich DJ” greenhouse . Mr Shadow however, has recently taken to whining about how he’s being fucked out of income by the bad internet letting people appreciate his music for free.

This is some pretty epic hypocrisy. Has the dude actually heard of “the internet” and the fact that it is a “digital” creation, based on the same “digital technologies” that were designed to solve the analogue “problem” by allowing us to make perfect copies of things? Is this the same dude that has “digitally” sampled hundreds of other people’s music without crediting them or paying them royalties? Why, yes it is, actually. Now it appears that he’s not making enough money anymore, and he’s trying to hold those same technologies responsible for his sudden lack of ability to afford cocaine mountains, as opposed to his personal creative vacuum. You know what the world doesn’t need? Another puppet mouthpiece for the recording industry’s assault on copyright in the digital realm.

Ladies and gents, todays douche – DJ Shadow.


Written by thewanderingdouche

April 7, 2010 at 10:38 am

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