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Gosh oh gosh – I’m embarrassed to be associated with this guy by nationality. Today’s winner is Murray McCully, who is also guilty of crimes against porn-star moustaches. So Mr McCully decided not to vote in favour of the ban in trading in Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. To paraphrase, he justifies this by basically saying “Well, they’re fucked, those fish, because who can change the situation? Some impassioned politician taking part in a global forum? Don’t make me laugh!”

Yes, Mr McCully, who can change the situation? Certainly not a politician of your caliber. Your lack of principles, moral fibre, and intestinal fortitude makes me sick. To appropriate a quote from a kiwi not afraid to make a strongly principled international stance, one David Lange, I can smell the sashimi on your breath, Mr McCully. I would like to remind you that the men history remembers favourably are men who were unafraid to do things even if they were possibly doomed to failure. Grow a pair. On that note, fuck off.


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March 22, 2010 at 9:52 am

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