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I don’t like the manipulation of the masses in China through the flow of information from the govt through the media…I like it even less in my own country. Behold – I dub this the Great Wall Of Flax.

BTW, screw vodaphone, xtra, telstraclear, and any othe douchefuck that supports this in principle. Lets take a quick look at what this is meant to achieve – it’s meant to stop kiddie fiddlers from perving pictures of child porn – this is not a bad thing. However, did they ever stop to think that kiddie fiddlers (on the net at least) must feel like quite a persecuted species? Jesus, they’re smart enough to invoke KGB-derived cryptographic practices on occasion – what makes you think this will slow them down? It won’t, basically – all it means in practise is that the rest of NZ is left with a censored, filtered, monitored internet. Oh gee, awesome. I feel so much safer. And I’m curious – where do they draw the line? What are the determining factors behind banning a URL? Is this open to revision? Do we trust someone who felt compelled to sneak this past us while we weren’t looking?


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March 11, 2010 at 11:43 am

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