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So this is douchy. I feel very, very sorry for you, Joe and Jane Public American. Your Government doesn’t care for your liberties and won’t go into bat for you. You put up with invasive border-control policies at airports, suffer extreme levels of electronic surveillance, nutjobs who insist on “Gun-uncontrol”, fundamentalists who wield political influence, and when you finally get a decent president you passively allow his vision to languish at the hands of the corporate lobbyists who have their hands up the bums of the puppets of Congress and the Senate. All this, from the country that created the idea of the modern democracy, that created so much incandescent art and literature, and so many of humanity’s most towering scientific triumphs – you poor bastards, suckling now on the teat of privatised media that tells you what to think, want, and do; putting up with such pathetically inadequate standards of secondary education that your students generally go down an age-group when they study in almost any other country, and being saddled with the emnity generated internationally by your oppressive foreign policy. You have my deepest, most sincere condolences. Good luck sorting your shit out – let me know if you need a place to crash or something in the meantime.


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March 1, 2010 at 6:03 am

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