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you can almost smell the brown on his noseHere’s the subject of my first outpouring. He’s the leader of New Zealand, and that link to him is a good representation of the sort of substance of the man…a puff piece, a reacharound for his image. He leads the country’s conservative National Party government, delivering it victory on the back of his reputation as an efficient leader of big business – clearly a group with the interests of the people at heart, thereby qualifying him to make decisions for them. At least, qualified in their eyes of the country’s voters, who voted him in at the last election. He’s quite affluent in his own right as as businessman – you’d expect that of a successful conservative politician with a background in business. He donates his annual Prime Ministers wage to charity, a decent enough thing to do – he can afford to. In fact, that’s probably the most decent thing that he’s done in parliament.

I’d like to leave aside for now any deeper exploration of the man, and focus on just one of his decisions. Now, I have to say that I think increasing the Goods and Services Tax is a good thing – for one, it’s a form of tax that can’t be avoided by (for example) big business or clever accountants – it’s a fee on the cost of everyday things at the point of purchase. The theory goes that this would allow you to then choose between lowering personal taxes or possibly paying for something new and shiny for the country (like hospitals, doctors, racing cars for everyone, investing in education, stuff like that). The part that I have an issue with, that earns the first douchebag bestowal, is this little buried nugget in that tax article.

This douche is going to open up some of the most pristine land in the world to multinational mining interests. He has made the obvious “we won’t make a mess” statements to mitigate the bad PR, a line which has been parroted in an editorial so exactly in key-speak moral-bankruptcy-masquerading-as-pragmatism that you really have to call foul. Others have captured the public sentiment more accurately. Stuff search produces an interesting slice of results on the matter, even if it is all murdoch-owned media, and hence tainted anyway.

John Key, you are an uncaring douchebag.


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February 14, 2010 at 10:21 am

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